Accurate diagnostic data are indispensable for effective treatment. Modern methods of research using digital equipment, high professionalism of doctors, the use of the most safe and effective anesthetics ensure maximum reliability and safety of research, as well as guarantee the objectivity of the data.
In full compliance with European standards, functional diagnostics in SMS4hospital is carried out directly by specialists: cardiologists, neurologists, as well as general practitioners who have received additional education in New Zealand. This ensures continuity and higher efficiency, both in diagnosis and treatment.


Urgent medical care is of two types – emergency and emergency. First aid is provided in cases where there is a threat to the life of the patient. Emergency assistance is provided in situations where there is no direct threat to life, but the disease is in an acute stage and a person should also be helped as soon as possible.
A completely different kind of help is provided by general practitioners at home. In addition to providing emergency care, they determine the therapeutic tactics and observe the patient until his recovery. If necessary, the doctor can immediately take tests or decide on hospitalization. If a person suffers from serious chronic diseases, then it is desirable for him to have on his hands analyzes and data of instrumental studies for previous periods of treatment.

Chambers of paid hospital

The bathroom is equipped with all necessary hygienic accessories (dental kit, shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, soap, cotton set, shower cap, etc.). Each patient is provided with a set of bathrobe, shirts, slippers and towels. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the time of patient treatment in the hospital.
You can order additional services: make-up, styling, manicure, pedicure. If you are in our hospital on your birthday, we will help to celebrate it. Also, our employees are always ready to call a taxi for you or book hotel rooms for your friends and relatives.

Home tests

A blood test at home is fast, comfortable and safe. The ability to take tests at home allows patients to save time and avoid contact with other sick people.
Most children are afraid to donate blood, so the opportunity to take the analysis at home, in a calm environment, is especially relevant for this category of patients.
It should be noted that not every clinic and laboratory experts have the right to take blood from a vein at home. To do this, medical personnel must have an appropriate permit.
Often, simultaneously with the blood test, children are prescribed urine and feces. And it is not always convenient for parents to go to the clinic in order to transfer the collected biomaterial. Nurses who go to the house to take blood can also take away other jars from you. You can be sure of the reliability of the results, all test tubes and jars will be marked with you.
The results of all tests you can get in electronic form.

High-tech assistance

Almost all medical fields are available at SMS4hospital – the clinic specialists provide highly qualified assistance in the field of oncology, neurosurgery, urology, surgery, gynecology and gynecology, mammology, orthopedics and traumatology using the most modern high-tech treatments, including those unique to New Zealand.
SMS4hospital specialists were among the first in the country to begin the most complex operations on the Da Vinci Si HD robotic system. Modern capabilities of robot-assisted surgery allow organ-preserving operations with minimal trauma and blood loss with quick follow-up rehabilitation.
Specialists of the Clinic of Neurology and Neurosurgery assist patients with various diseases of the brain and spinal cord: tumors, vascular malformations, degenerative diseases and spinal injuries.

Online expert advice

Online consultation features:
Consultation on previously prescribed treatment.
Interpretation of survey results.
Receiving a second opinion of the leading specialists of the EMC – experts from the USA, Western Europe, Israel, Russia.
Getting expert answers to exciting questions about health.
At the request of the patient, remote written consultation is also possible – obtaining expert recommendations based on the results of the analysis of medical records.