About Us

About The Pain Clinic SMS4hospital

The main areas of work of the Clinic

Identifying the causes of pain in conjunction with specialists in various fields, treating various pain syndromes.

The team of specialists at the Pain Clinic is composed of experienced doctors who have completed an internship in the field of pain management in clinics in New Zealand. In the diagnosis and treatment protocols are used leading New Zealand clinics.

Together with oncologists, pain relief programs are being developed for cancer patients.

Specialists of the Pain Clinic treat patients on an outpatient basis, select an individual anesthetic medicamentous therapy, carry out the exact injection of drugs directly into the painful focus.

24-hour help in case of pain is provided by the emergency and emergency department doctors and anesthesiologists.

Pain Treatment Methods

In some situations, interventional pain treatment techniques are used – this is the injection of drugs into certain pathological foci (pain generators), a destructive effect on neural structures.

For the most accurate impact on pathological lesions, the doctor can use various imaging methods: low-dose radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography.

Other procedures

Procedures are performed under local anesthesia, on an outpatient basis, are practically painless and do not require special training from the patient and a large number of tests. At the same time, to reduce the risk of possible complications, all invasive manipulations are performed under sterile conditions of an equipped operating room.

The definition of treatment tactics begins at the first meeting of the patient with the doctor of the Clinic for the treatment of pain after a thorough history and examination, analysis of x-ray and functional data.