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Pain Management Clinic

Modern methods of effective pain relief of any nature

Modern standards of care in pain syndrome

Individual anesthetic drug therapy, the exact introduction of drugs directly into the painful focus.

Highly qualified specialists

Experienced doctors who have completed an internship in the field of “Pain management” in clinics in Israel, America and Europe.

24/7 emergency care for pain syndrome

Doctors of the emergency, emergency and emergency departments provide round-the-clock assistance in the event of pain.

Methods of treatment of pain in SMS4hospital

Pain is the body’s physiological response to external stimuli. Science pays great attention to this problem. But even with the modern development of anesthesia technologies in the USA and Europe, no more than 22% of patients receive adequate pain therapy in the required time frame. In New Zealand, according to statistics from 2002, only 7% of the population received the necessary anesthesia when they first went to the doctor, and more than 60% of patients went to four or more doctors until they could get relief from the symptoms. Visit our european online pharmacy to learn more.


The appointment of an anesthetic drug, the correction of its dose, it is possible to change the mechanism of administration, the selection of the optimal drug.


Therapeutic blockade, intramuscular and intravenous drip injections of drugs.

Information about our clinic

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Find the cause
examine your pain

According to international standards so that
the treatment was of high quality
and effective.


Achieve the result

We get the effect of complex treatment, save it after the end of the course. Exacerbation takes 1-3 procedures, the course – from 3-15 procedures.


We give full information

In your condition in clear language, without complicated and medical terms